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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

I'm an aikidoka. not a grappler. I would suggest that taking on a grappler at grappling is unwise.

On the flip side I would like to add a short anecdote.. (Yawn)

I was working in a club not far from my house. I was stood watching the crowd and a very large gentleman approached me as I happened to be on the route to the exit. The man swung at my groin and moved to nut me. I didn't move. he turned to me and said.

"hurhur would of got you then wouldn't I mate?!"

Being a pro I said nothing and smiled with a 'yeah woah you're so cool' roll of my eyes. Normally I don't even consider saying anything but it crossed my mind to banter

"I suppose we'll never know.."

I felt bad for thinking it.

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