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Re: Reconciliation of Violent Action

In my opinion you are making a dichotomy where there is none.
Aikido is a martial art and martial arts are a way to produce violence in a consistently reproducible manner that is safe for tori.
And I think you are not making one where there is lieu to; ie training and self defence and protection.

The great thing with akido is that we can produce a great range of effect.
Discussing on bullishido a guy there said that there was 3 aspects to aikido technique and I think he put it in better way that I could so I will paraphrase him.
You can apply a technique at a very technical level. It may not really work but it demonstrated the technique and shows the important points.
You can do the same technique in such way then you will force uke to comply.
And a third way to the technique the do maximum damage (with minimum effort)
For me practicing aikido is practicing the 3 of them. I believe that is like horse riding, if you partice only walk or trot or gallop, can you say that you can ride?
I am not saying that you need to particle all evenly but in my opinion you do need to have a working knowledge or the 3 aspect

Now our actions are only the expression of our policy. "Martial" has nothing to do with it

If you are under the impression that you will be able or in a position to make the choice how badly you are going to hurt your opponent after you have thrown him once. Or if you believe that having plenty of space and a fair warning bfore the action.
You are living in doolally land. And it is border line of cretinism at the best and criminal at the worse to propagate that idea.
"You and me on the common, queensburry rule" is a thing of the past. Usually aggressors will try to get close, using surprise of deception, in order to reduce the time you have to protect yourself. (Weapon and number really depend on geography)

Non violence and or training in a dojo (and that goes for MMA as well) and that stage of self defence/self protection have the same relation together as onanism and reproduction. I.e. they have a fair bit in common (in the primary sense of onanism), and it concerns the same general area. But what you what to achieved is radically different.

The place to apply non violence (and where one should really do so) is in prudence is the best part of valour. Self defence laws actually make lots of sense and have that in common with akido. Do not be there if you can.
If you have to use violence, it is because you have made an effort to remove your self and he/they had followed you (or you have been ambushed). If the opponent has followed you (or has ambushed you), it is probably not to talk about the difference between post modernism and neo cubism.
This is when you make you decision to deck him proper, control him or throw him nicely.
What should motivate your decision is not what it is ethical to do to him but what, given the chance, he/they will do to you, and how likely that chance is to appear.

Aikido offer you the range between being nice or to be totally savage.
There is case where you can just get out of the way and redirect will be enough for you to get away or defuse the situation.
Equally, if the guy is significantly stronger, armed or there is several opponent, being nice is very likely to improve our already slim chances.

Some one resist in the dojo?
If you are in the case where what the technique is there to demonstrate principle, well any body can resist, but it is a cooperative exercise.
So something along the line of do not be an arse and get on with the program should sort that out.
On the same token since it is a co-operative exercise, why on earth would you use that in self defence?

If you are using the controlling way of doing akido, If he can resist it is because you are missing something. So doing it slightly harder, slightly faster and a slightly better atemi is seldom the solution. I know what I am talking about, that is my first inclination but it is almost never the right solution (and yes I still do it). for me, This is the minimum you need to use in self protection.


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