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Re: preserving knees and shoulders....

Kevin Wilbanks wrote: View Post
All this business about staying away from "heavy" weights is also nonsense. You have to lift at a certain level of resistance in relation to your maximum in order to provide enough stimulus to actually strengthen any tissue or gain strength. It's nothing to be afraid of. .
Yeah...I guess it depends on how you look at it.
You bring up a good point that you should be able to lift it 4 times.

I hurt myself in highschool on the decline bench (took years for my shoulder to heal.)

I benched around 250lbs (at the time I weighed only 145lbs) and with decline I found i could do a bit more. I had 275 (which i typically can do around 25 pounds more on decline) and my shoulder did a thingy.

Well...The whole idea of trying to max out now seems like a thing that truly would be better had I left it alone. Ego will bring you last year I was pretty 'cocky' as I was gaining 5 pounds to my bench press basically every week or two for a period there. (going from 200lbs or so and going up), just a lot of training on my triceps (which shoulders are involved, but I never really worked on that specific group. Now to mention it, I was unbalanced, as I could not even 'squat' but about the same as my bench. (which is not usual, you typically can do more if your 'training.')

That was years ago though...trip down memory lane to say, yes avoiding heavy loads such as 'maxing out' may prove beneficial.

And some may find that they do need to have even lighter workout than pushing it to 4 or 5...Point is, listen to your body. :-)


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