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Originally posted by Arianah
What is the tradition with this? Is there an actual origin, or is it just something that our instuctors did, and their instructors did, and their instructors did, etc.? It can't go that far back, since, as my limited knowledge understands it, the use of belts as sign of rank is a relatively recent integration, right?

Chuck will certainly know more than I, but from what I've read the use of belts came into play late in the 1800's from Kano. Colored belts came into play some time in the 30's in Europe (they were not a creation by us decadent folks in the US). Hard to have much tradition in such a small amount of time.

The reason I posted the reasons I did was that they are basically BS but I'd heard them a number of times. What was even more funny is that I've discounted them all, even told people to wash their belts, but never done it myself. I find myself to be amusingly contradictory at times.
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