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Re: Aikido at forty


I just turned forty a few months ago. Although I have studied Aikido and some other arts over the last 10-15 years, I haven't been training for a bit now and will begin Aikido again in the next few weeks.

Get in there and train my friend, you will not regret it. The only thing I regret about my Aikdo training is that I ever stopped in the first place.

Age, although relevant to physically ability to a certain extent should me but a small barrier for you. An anecdote for you: I was at a seminar with Yamada Sensei at USF in Tampa.(at the time I was training with Nobu Arakawa Sensei in Tampa, FL. Hi Sensei if you're reading this.) Well, were doing a form of Nikkyo and apprently I wasn't doing it exactly correctly. so Yamada Sensei comes over, and offers his wrist. I go to grab and before I am even able to grip, I was on the mat with my arm behind me, pinned. Now I'm not sure exactly how old Yamada sensei is, but I know he's over 40.

Carl, go get 'em. Train as hard as you are able. BTW, where areyou located? Perhaps some on here could help you find a compatible dojo in your area.

Peace, Kenn


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