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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Sword work, internal skill, & "Aiki"

BTW, I am headed away for an extended period of time, including time in Asia, pursuing a new direction in my own training that I'm pretty excited about. The discussions on Aikiweb over the past several months have been personally very illuminating and useful for my own training. There are several very dedicated, open-minded and helpful posters here whose contributions to the forum have helped clarify my own practice. Whether that clarification will result in real and significant improvements in my own skills is up to me.

I won't necessarily have ready access and definitely won't have time to peruse and post here in the foreseeable future, so I just wanted to say thanks to all those contributors whose perseverance and open-minded exploration of internal skill issues makes it worthwhile sorting through the forum politics and personal frictions that more than occasionally becloud the discussions here. Jun, thanks for making this forum available.

Best wishes for people getting out of their training what they truly seek.


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