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I am a year and so many months from cracking the half century mark in life, and I see a lack of common sense, lazy insensitive opinions based on consumerized techo geeks who get their information from other peoples reports instead of questioning, studying, and actually finding the facts for themselves.

I'm not in my 50's or even 40's but I'm well out of the 20's and frankly I've learned that I'm not terribly reliable. I question, challenge and change my beliefs all the time. I think you have to when you are honest with yourself. I fear the day I stop questioning. I submit to you that you should question more.

The field we are talking about though is not something you just pick up a book on and become an expert in. If I were to undertake the education required I'm guessing it would require a commitment of a decade (I'd have to work along the way to pay the many 1,000's of dollars). Then it would probably require more decades to run the studies to prove, assuming it's valid, even 5% of what you seem to take for granted. There is no way I can do research that is valid on that level, nor can any one person as part of science is being able to repeat a study. So, I rely on others who like that sort of thing to do the work and they see things differently than you do. In fact, differently than a lot of what's found in a book store.

As to dominating these boards, I'm probably, by far, the worst offender, certainly compared to Chuck and Andy. Too much free time on my hands. Yes, I'm a web developer in California.
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