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Re: Sword work, internal skill, & "Aiki"

Before you go quoting Kimura I'd go back and read Sagawa's book "Clear Power" (assuming you can read japanese)

He outlines the "progression" to develop these skills pretty clearly. And techniques are secondary. Solo training such as sumo stomping etc is stressed pretty highly. Also he was pretty famous for doing 1000 reps of pushups (and did 100 in one go in front of Kimura's younger brother, a doctor at Tokyo Univ) at a time, using them to connect his body.
No *angular momentum* junk at work.

Btw, to be blunt, Ive read Kimuras book, and while Ive heard from acquaintances that he has the skill in spades, he's a) extremely secretive(cant really blame the man at this, since he did spend over 20 years under who was considered the preeminent student of Takeda), b) he doesn't reveal jack in his book about what he's doing.

Like I said, I'd go get a feel from someone who has these skills first and establish a common baseline
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