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David Warden
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Re: Aikido at forty

Hi Carl,
I know many people, me included, who started in their 40's. It is not a problem. I have had back problems for years and have found that all the rolling and moving has improved my back flexibility, it is just the rest of the body that is falling apart.
There are dojos from several organisations/styles near Thornaby, check out the dojo search on British Aikido Board website for details.
The group I train with,UKAU, has three dojos within 20 minutes of Thornaby, training Mon,Wed and Fri so you are more than welcome to pop in for a chat to see what we do and I am sure the other groups would be happy to discuss it with you as well.
Aside from all the aches and pains, it is the best thing I have taken up and have just returned from a excellent week long course in Strasbourg.
Good hunting
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