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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Are you pushing?


In the Ikkajo exercise you describe, do you think there might be martial training value in gradually increasing the speed of movement (and force) provided by your training partner while you test your sense of internal connection?
Yes, but not yet (in terms of speed). The force area I don't mind going up and down on, as it shows me my limits of how to ground out and source power. I am still to new to the specifics of consistently utilizing this type of movement and power sourcing in my aikido. While in the past there were moments when "everything clicked" and I saw dramatic power usage with little effort, I do not believe I understand this area well enough to be consistent in it's usage.

One thing Mike S. kept saying to me was how much you need to **slow down** when trying to repattern. I now believe he is right, even more so than what I was already doing.

Dan talks about the solo work, and then using the partner practice to build on that. I think he is correct as well.

Doing all of this is the hard part. Personally, I am ok with the fact that many will look at this type of training and go "huh??" I'm not looking for a quick fix, just a slow, steady way to gain understanding and some control over what has been til now just fleeting glimpses of something special.


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