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Re: Kyusho found elsewhere too

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Thanks again Andy and Chuck, I really like your comedy act....

Talking to you is kind of like pissing up a rope, isn't it? You continually prattle about US not paying attention, about US posting laughable comments, yet you continue to flog the same old dead horse, contine your arrogant, condescending ways.

Hapkido (Korean Aikido descened from Sokatu Takada /excuse me if my spelling is

I know nothing about Marc Tedeschi so I cannot comment, but Hapkido is not Korean aikido (it is a synthesis of Korean kick-punch arts and jujutsu-like techniques) and whether or not the originator of that art actually di more than attend a few Takeda seminars is in question.

off) a martial art that integrates both healing and combative techniques ....

Many do. Over the past year, I've been studying the Danzan Ryu restorative massage of the Kodenkan. Fascinating stuff. Judo also has some failry interesting restorative practices as do many serious budo systems. Off the top of my head, I can add Hakko Ryu Jujutsu and Shinshintoitsu (Ki Society) Aikido.

It's been said that the killer is also a healer; you need a knife in the kitchen as well as one in war.

What I would like to know is why Andy and Chuck feel they have to dominate this Aikiweb forum? Oh, well.

Because you continue to spread misinformation, be rude, cast aspersions, be condescending and trite, and, apparently try to 'dominate this Aikiweb forum' yourself. We're just making sure the field of play is level and that all opinions are heard and considered not just your limited one.


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