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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

Doug Walker wrote: View Post
Mike S,
I would just say that while I believe you have to have your internal ducks in a line so to speak, that concept extends beyond the corporal body into things generally described as mind and spirit. In our practice (with Allen -- full disclosure) the venue for first experiencing those aspects is ken. We're pretty much in agreement on the bodyskills aspect. Without the bodyskills anything else is just an fragile shell to be cracked.
Hi Doug:

Well, like I said, I'm simply stating a preferred interpretation... although I haven't seen anything yet that persuades me that my take is even probably wrong. The functional progression would usually (traditionally) go something like external power, then ki power, then reiki (that's flaunting it), then shin. While idiomatically the connotation can develop into "spirit" (and I don't have any problem comprehending that take on it, at all), my suggestion was that originally "ki-ryoku" as a *basic tenet* probably referred exactly to ki power. They would normally do this to show that they were cognoscent of functional ki power (all styles tended to do this). If you have a style indicating a few basic tenets, where "ki-ryoku" seriously only referred to "spirit", then you would have essentially a dumb style, so to speak, and they weren't dumb. Martially I'm sure every sword style had their own approaches to functional ki usages and by elimination, I'm betting the "ki-ryoku" covered that aspect.

Of course, I could be wrong. But I'll stand on my bet.
addn: That's cool you studied Japanese. Did you keep it up? I failed miserably with Chinese, but have been enjoying Japanese when not completely frustrated.
No, I just meant that I understood the general formation of words/phrases and that I wasn't missing the aspect you pointed out.


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