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Bruce Baker
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Kyusho found elsewhere too

Thanks again Andy and Chuck, I really like your comedy act....

I just picked my daughter from Philadelphia to take her for Wisdom teeth removal, and we stopped at Barnes and Noble Books in Cherry Hill, NJ ... I found a very cheap and affordable book on


Let's see, on the back it says Artist, Designer, Educator, hold fifth degree in Hapkido (Korean Aikido descened from Sokatu Takada /excuse me if my spelling is off) a martial art that integrates both healing and combative techniques .... a student of Eastern concepts of human physiology, he has practiced martial arts since 1974, training extensively in Hapkido, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate. first edition 2001/second printing 2001.

I will tell you what, for under twenty dollars it has as much information as the $100-$200 books in charts, anatomy charts, meridians and translations of a couple of Chinese charts.

Why is it important to go beyond the physical manipulations and the martial arts we learn today?

Because to reach the understanding of a master, you must consider all factors to find the harmony. And even if you train eight hours a day, if your mind is not open to learn, clear to think, you will have learned nothing.

What I would like to know is why Andy and Chuck feel they have to dominate this Aikiweb forum? Oh, well.

I consider those who must complain, my friends. Only your friends bitch at you, whether you need it or not. Read this book and then you will know where you are pressing, rubbing or striking ... but knowing which type on which meridian, another story?

Check out this book, it is really good!

(and it ain't Dillman, that should put a smile on your faces.)
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