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Re: Does anyone know the name of this?

you might be right in that I have everything reversed.

The arm that was blocked ends up out to uke's side almost horizontal with the ground.

In the ending phase it looks like you have uke's arm out horizontal with your other arm across their neck.

You are then walking them back with your body between their out stretched wrist and their arm pit.

Again I will have to go home and run this thru with either my wife or kids to figure out if I am reversed but you might be absolutly right. I was trying to visualize it and I got confused as to left vs right even when trying to write it all down.

Thanks for your response. Working thru this stuff is confusing but well worth the effort as I want to think it thru and practice when ever possible. Even if it means no uke and just going thru the motions and visualizing it in my head.


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