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Does anyone know the name of this?

I learned a new technique last night at my dojo and can't remember the name. I am at my desk at work trying to write notes down and my co-workers are probably looking at me a little strange as I am trying to kinda go thru the motions while sitting.

I might have a something in the technique mixed up as I am not on a mat trying to perform it but here it goes.

Standing in hammi with both you and the uke having your right foot forward.

Uke is doing a Shomenuchi with his right hand.

You block with your right hand creating an X with the uke's arm.
(Your palm is facing towards Uke).

As you block with your right hand you move your left hand up inside to create a V under Uke's arm (both palms towards uke).

As you do this you take a step forward with your rear leg (left) at the same time you push uke's arm away with left arm. The step goes to the outside of uke (your left).

At this point you are moving your right arm across uke's neck. If uke does not fall at this point you take a step with your right foot and pretty much walking thru him.

This sends him into a back fall.

If you can't understand what I am trying to explain that is ok as I have class tomorrow and will ask my Sensei when I get in. I just wanted to add the name to my notes before I forgot about it.

Thanks all.


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