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Long time listener, first time caller ...

Actually, I'm an OLD hand here at Aikiweb, but some of ya'll probably don't have a clue who this opinionated, bull-headed old fart is.

Here's the short form:

Who am I?

I'm just a guy doing budo. I've trained in various systems since about 1973, primarily in jujutsu, but have dabbled in traditional and sport karate (Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, etc), Pa Kua Chuan, Escrima, Tang Soo Do and other arts. I train regularly with aikido and judo folks as well.

Lately, my budo pursuits are primarily jujutsu and weapons work, leaning more heavily toward sword and staff. The deeper I get in the study of ken, the more I believe the real secrets are found there ...

I'm permitted to teach through the chuden level in the Kokoro Ryu (see for more info) and have been granted the (teaching) title renshi.

I have taught at all four of the annual Aikido-L seminars ( and have conducted several clinics and small seminars.

Here at The Dojo, we've held an annual seminar called Wood and Steel, offering local budo folks the opportunity to learn iai and jo, play with some excellent budo teachers and learn about the wider world of budo in general.

Outside the dojo, I'm a middle-level govenment functionary who writes, edits and designs print and digital publications for a Department of Defense agency.

I'm married to the woman of my dreams, Emily, who is a certified massage therapist ( and also a budoka (she has a shodan in aikido and has trained in Wing Tsun and other martial arts for about 10 years).

In May, my beloved and I will move to southeastern Germany where I'll work for the U.S. Army doing much the same thing I am now, but likely moreso.

Anyone interested can follow our adventures through Emily's personal website (, where you can also see pics of our wedding (this past November, held right before the 4th Annual Aikido-L Seminar).

I'm also one helluva cook ...


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