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Re: Ledyard Sensei and his students

Let me say that this past weekend's seminar with Howard Popkin Sensei was absolutely one of the best weekend's of training I have ever had. I can't remeber when my students were this enthusiastic about a seminar we've had (and we've had some great ones).The Daito Ryu techniques as taught by Okamoto Sensei, Howard's teacher, are completely compatible with what my own Aikido teachers are doing and what I, myself, have been working on.

Popkin Sensei's ability to clearly explain and his talent at sequencing a set of lessons into a coherent whole is top rate. If you want your Aikido to operate using sophisticated "aiki" principles rather than just powerful technique, then don't miss a chance to train with Popkin Sensei, or of course, his teacher, Okamoto Sensei.

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