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Re: my sensei "video clip"

I remember putting up some youtube video here sometime ago of two people in dogi and hakama doing some interpretive dance and labeled as aikido.

To me that was horrific... because it is alien to the aikido I know.

Now Adrian put up his sensei's demo clip and people who are not from the Yoshinkan school criticize that it appear to be deliberately harsh on his uke.

I can tell you, as I am from Yoshinkan school as well, we train our ukemi to be able to take that kind of techniques. When we have trained uke who are able to take hard ukemi, then as shite/tori, we are able to maximally apply our technique at full force.

When we are able to do that, shite learns the feeling of applying the technique realistically; whereas uke learn how it feels to receive a technique applied at realistic force.

Yoshinkan school still maintain its martial credo... in line with its Kancho's teaching/spirit.

If one was to read Kancho's auto-biograhy, his fights are never round after rounds of trading blows with his opponents. His fights usually last one encounter and his opponents are normally unable to continue the fight due to dislocated or disjointed joints (usually elbow).

With that in mind, each waza we do, is inline with the mindset of instantaneous victory; and as such it is important the shite apply realistic waza to uke who are trained to take the ukemi.


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