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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Ok, found a good version of the Imperial Demonstration:

From Aikido Journal:

The students accompanying Sensei for this event were his leading disciple, Mr. Tsutomu Yukawa (now deceased) and I. During this period Sensei was suffering from a heavy case of jaundice and had only drunk water for about ten days. He has grown so weak that he even had to support himself on our shoulders to put his kimono on or to walk. Mr. Yukawa and I looked at each other and worried about whether Sensei could really give a demonstration in that condition. Despite this, he somehow got into the car which came to fetch him and arrived at the Saineikan. We got out of the car and supported him when he walked. However, when we approached the entrance of the dojo where the Imperial family was visible, Sensei's eyes began to shine and he entered the dojo with a commanding air, totally transformed. After the extremely respectful formalities the demonstration began at last. Forty minutes were alloted for the demonstration. Yukawa was supposed to take falls for the first twenty minutes and I for the last twenty.

It looked like Yukawa was attacking Sensei half-heartedly in deference to his condition. But Ueshiba Sensei's ki power had reached the maximum. Yukawa was sent flying in a flash and he ended up crouching on the floor unable to move. When I rushed to him and looked him over carefully I discovered his arm was broken. Thus as it happened I had to take falls for the entire forty minutes in place of the injured Yukawa. I couldn't hold back. On the contrary, I attacked Sensei with all my might. The moment I was thrown and landed on the mat I got up immediately and went at Ueshiba Sensei. I was pinned flat but as soon as I was released I went to attack again and again was thrown by Sensei. In any event, his spirit was incredibly strong. Exerting myself to the utmost, I somehow managed to serve as Sensei's uke for forty minutes. But later I came down with a high fever and had to stay in bed for about a week.

Now, what I'm currious about is if the people who object to Shioda Sensei's demonstrations, and Mori Sensei's demonstrations also object to Ueshiba Sensei's demonstrations. And if not, why not?? And if so, then why do we not hear those objections more often?


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