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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Philippe Willaume wrote: View Post
The link between being "battered uki" and battered women is exactly the same as a cheap horse being expensive on the ground that rare things are expensive and since a cheap hores is rare....
Ha! That's cute. Had heard Ionesco's about cats being dogs, but hadn't heard this one.

But I don't think it applies, though. The psychology is the same, I think: The victim blames him/herself.

Saying that battered uki and battered woman have anything in common is to psychology what Fox news is to independent journalism.
Oh, man! I hate to find myself on the other side of an argument with someone bashing Fox...If nothing else, thanks for that.

There are societal, economic and peer pressure on battered women that being a uke has no chance to even marginally get close.
If I agree that battering uke is a form a bullying that does not have anything remotely comparable to battered woman.
Societal and peer pressure certainly do obtain. I'll grant that economic variables don't. Still, the psychology is the same, blame yourself for someone else's brutality.

As I said before
Some like hard aikido some like soft aikido. It is all fine.
Uh, no. Some of it is criminal.

However what is not fine is That sensei has been pilloried for two blumming page on the ground of one video.
Sorry. Accountability seems right to me.

May be he said to his uke after the demonstration "sorry mate I did not mean to drop you on your head."
"I'm sorry, honey. I don't know what came over me. I promise not to do it again, and I'm cooking you dinner as soon as the doctor signs the release papers."

One can understand the pats on the head and helping him to get up are a way to publicly acknowledge that the technique was too rough and apologies for it.
'Took him four or five bloomin' tosses to knock the poor guys senseless. For which would he be apologizing?

We do not have any context as to pass judgment.
Poppycock. The evidence is right before us.

I can understand that if you are on the spiritual development side of the track, that type of risk is unacceptable
Actually, this distinction is untenable. It is precisely the "spiritually oriented" people who train the hardest, cf. Osensei. Don't think I count myself in this camp, but wouldn't be embarrassed to...

but you do need to realize that there some of use that practice for the martial aspect and that the risk of injury is perfectly acceptable, especially since we do it in a controlled environment.
It is precisely the question of control we are discussing, isn't it. And some of us expect Mori of it, if you will.

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