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Re: New breed of Aikido

It is a lot like a style of Jujutsu I learned in the UK. It is also, a lot more like Hapkido. Not all Hapkido looks like this, but I have seen a lot that does. At a guess, they are probably doing Hapkido - the uniforms look Korean too. As Philippinos, I am sure they are aware of Arnis/Escrima and would be under no illusions. What they are doing is demo style kata techniques, that's all. They train in a similar way in Korea and while it may not look alive or real, the people doing it are about as tough as tough as tough can be - a Karate approach to Jujutsu, if you like. In that sense, they are probably more martial than the average aikidoka, in my opinion. Of course, it has nothng to do with Aikido at all - and who said it did?

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