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Re: Aikido at forty

I was 39 when I started. I'm 52 now. Good advice given by all. I would add one thing. When you visit a dojo ask them to demonstrate and explain how they teach beginners to fall. It has been my experience that for anyone overcoming the fear of forward rolls is one of the major hurdles a beginner must make. Its not the back falls or back rolls. Its almost always the front rolls. Pay attention to how they would teach you to roll and how much time they will devote to it. As we age our fear of falling naturally increases, and your instructor should recognize that. However, given the right instructor and dojo you (and virtually anyone else) CAN master ukemi...If you can, it would also be useful for you to do some weight training exercises that strengthen your lower back. Between that and ukemi, you should never have to visit the chiropractor! Good training!
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