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Well, to each his own,


if the tree would like to exchange energy with me, it should just come to me

It is just a process of coming out. Dont be affraid to tell your tree how much you love him. Be proud and tell your friends and family how much you love your tree. Wear button saying " I love my tree", buy bumperstickers saying " I break for trees" and most important, move to a country where you can marry your tree.

More serious, all interest and acceptance in/with nature is good aikido practise. Just walking, accepting (without any goal, just accepting) and feeling ( not wanting to feel, just feeling) is a great way to find rest and practise the mind in acceptance. (I did not come up with this, Kiichi Hine Sensei told me).
Training somehow is beter after a walk in the fields, having seen the young lambs play!

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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