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Re: И сразу вопрос! Про кацуяги и ирими

Sorry for writing in English but I'm currently outside Ukraine and don't have a cyrillic key-board.
The question you asked, is about the terms used in Aikido Hirokazu Kobayashi. As far as I know, there are three "times", they deal with in this Aikido school: irimi, furikomi and katsuhayaBi. They refer to different moments of the contact and describe all the possibilities of reacting to the attack. Irimi comes from "iru" - penetrate, enter; furikomi "pendulum" (mayatnik) and katsuhayabi - "victory at light speed". Irimi is the term all the aikidoka know, however, the other two are specific to our school.
Was the seminar you mentioned your first meeting with Aikido Hirokazu Kobayashi? Could you tell, what your impressions were?
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