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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Adam Alexander wrote: View Post
Sh'te applies the level of intensity that his uke can handle. By pushing uke to his limits, he continues to progress. If there was nothing to push uke, he'd have no reason. Strong uke, strong sh'te. Strong sh'te, strong uke.

There was nothing wrong with that demo.

If you want to imply accusations of brutality or abuse that are independant of this (or those) videos, then start a new thread. You should probably entitle it "pushing one's self is self-abuse". Or, more to what might be the feeling behind the posts,"Pre-war styles aren't real Aikido".

I'm not judging you or what you do. But, I've never understood why people who wish to just dance on the mat didn't just take up dancing instead of Aikido.

Different strokes for different folks. I liked it though.
If you want to have a discussion, that's fine. I've been very civil, realizing that this kind of subject is very charged. Your post is insulting and donwright ugly. I'm not interested in that.

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