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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Larry Novick wrote: View Post
I agree, I call it out-and-out abuse and brutality. I've seen it for many years, in many different Aikido demonstrations and dojo etc. After 25 years of teaching Aikido, I've experienced many different styles and teachers. Abuse perpetrated during the demonstration and teaching of Aikido is rampant, well-known among people who are willing to see it and admit it's existence, and completely unnecessary.
Some of us like that type of technique. I'd of never started Aikido if my first exposure was Ki or most Aikikai I've seen. You say that it's not necessary, I say I'd of never got on the bus had I not seen hard techniques as my first introduction.

I'm not anywhere near what I'd call an ideal person, but I've been made better than I was because of Aikido. Had I jumped on board with one of the other local arts that were hard, I'd of been totally lead astray. Maybe those of us who really need Aikido in our lives are best served by the techniques that appear the hardest.

That's my experience. If those uke had an issue, they're big boys, they'd move on.
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