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Ron Tisdale
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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Now people can see why I was ducking and running when this phase of the topic came up.

Difficult issues...I've got some herniated disks in my neck from bad falls from hard throws. Most of that is due to my own over eagerness at times. I get caught up in attacking, and don't protect myself enough, because I actually LIKE feeling powerfull throws (silly boy ).

Oh's not for everyone, some people do abuse it, others not. Some people are over eager, and then learn better after they get injured and walk around in pain 6 mos at a time, and need to get needles stuck in their neck to compensate.

In my home dojo I don't think I was ever thrown harder than I attacked. Well, maybe once or twice...but that was probably my own fault too.

Ron (this probably just makes me sound masochistic)

Ron Tisdale
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