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Jerome Braun
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Re: my sensei "video clip"

I've been on the receiving end of some of this type of behavior myself (Yoshinkan, nidan). It's not just "good hard training". It's more like "good hard game-playing".

The part where he plows the guy's head into the mat, then pats him as though he's a child to urge him up is the part where I think you can see the situation most clearly (about 0:40). Mori pretty clearly accelerates uke's head to the mat. It's purposeful. It's unnecessary.

If uke has practiced a million times to receive this "technique", what are the chances that we happen to see the one time he messes up? It's a lot more likely that uke can't really take this "technique".

Mori was a likable guy back in the early 90's, having interacted briefly with him a couple of times. The videos rather glorify him
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