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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Philippe Willaume wrote: View Post
I am not from a Yoshinkan school but I assume that if students felt that they were snotted to buggery, surely they would leave the club/organisation no?
With this LOGIC (often being the opposite of PSYCHOlogic), women would only be battered once by a man. Typically, they blame themselves ("I burned the toast," "I have to learn better UKEMI") rather than impute nastiness to their abuser. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Larry Novick wrote: View Post
I agree, I call it out-and-out abuse and brutality. I've seen it for many years, in many different Aikido demonstrations and dojo etc. After 25 years of teaching Aikido, I've experienced many different styles and teachers. Abuse perpetrated during the demonstration and teaching of Aikido is rampant, well-known among people who are willing to see it and admit it's existence, and completely unnecessary.
Thank you. To repeat the salient point, "Among people who are WILLING TO SEE IT."

I know it's divisive to say this, because it appears to be a direct attack on either a teacher or a style etc. But there's no way to discuss it openly other than being honest about one's perceptions and experiences. In my experience, a lot of what is called Aikido is simply a demonstration of Aikido techniques, which I've seen a lot of instructors take advantage of to make themselves look powerful etc. In the end, it's the uke who pays, unfortunately, and the many people in Aikido who think they are learning something that they're not necessarily really learning.
Well put. Thank you.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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