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Re: my sensei "video clip"

I am not from a Yoshinkan school but I assume that if students felt that they were snotted to buggery, surely they would leave the club/organisation no?

So put the aketon, the hauberk the gambeson, the shield and the great helm back to their barrel and whilst you are at it unsaddle your destrier, I am relatively confident that the RSPHABYU do not need your crusading on their behalf

There are many people that have the same outrage as you but it is regarding fluffy & wishy-washy aikido (i.e. in MMA parlance definitely not of the heterosexual kind).
If some people are happy to train hard good for them, is some other prefers much softer form, good for them as well.
As long as no animal or children have been abused during the making of the movie and it remains between concenting adults, it has to be fine.

Regardless of all that personally I do not find anything especially mean in the video, but again my middle names are Donatien Alphonse-François…..

Phil (aki Urukai)

Ps for those who wonder what RSPHABYU stands for it is Royal Society for the Protection of Horribly Abused and Battred Yoshinkan Uke.

One Ringeck to bring them all and in darkness bind them,
In the Land of Windsor where phlip phlop live.
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