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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Steven Miranda wrote: View Post
Treating uke in what way? I didn't see uke complaining. In fact he kept getting up and attacking and has practiced for many years. I guess if you never practice like this and simply tank for your instructor, not that I"m saying you do that, then I guess I can see how you think this is not safe or desireable.
I guess I'll comment on this bit too, since it's such a load of garbage. The idea that one would see uke "complaining" in this brief video is absurd, and you know it. Not seeing it demonstrates nothing. Neither does the fact that he keeps getting up, or keeps training at the same dojo. Battered spouses often come back for hugs right after beatings, and stay in abusive relationships for years. These comments obviously do not address the points I was making, and are simply disingenuous rhetorical tricks.

The last bit is a textbook logical fallacy, called a 'false dichotomy'. There is no either/or between accelerating a falling uke into the mat so that his head bounces and 'tanking'. Whether or not one 'tanks' has to do with what happens between uke's attack and uke losing his or her balance/falling down. What I am discussing is accelerating uke into the mat after they are already falling down.

The fact that you keep resorting to fallacies and dirty tricks makes me think I hit a nerve. If I'm simply some yayhoo spouting nonsense, why the desperate argumentative measures?
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