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Re: Poll: Is there such a thing as "bad" aikido to you?

Craig Hocker wrote: View Post
No. I did not miss the point totally.

All it shows is where these guys are at and where they are at
is not very far along. They make all sorts of elementary mistakes over and over again that prevents them from being very effective at all.

The idea that this shows "what techniques will work and what techniques are just unrealistic" is total BS, but I do not expect you to see that. Most won't.
Don't take it personal, just be honest. Integrity is more rewarding than emotional fluff. Listen, some techniques in any traditional martial art has it's weakness and is not effective for certain attacks. It's more appealing to test what works and admitting what doesn't work. If you read the posters comments that was his intention, to test what works against certain attacks. Granted there were some errors in technique, but again you missed the point, it's not about technique.

I have competed in several martial arts arenas and know from experience, I'm not speaking about theory. I know what it feels like to defend against several jabs, kicks and take downs.
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