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Re: my sensei "video clip"

Don J. Modesto wrote: View Post
The clip reminds me of an essay by another uchideshi, David Lynch, who spoke of Shioda deliberately hurting UKE for the pleasure of the audience and making jokes about it.

Why would you smack a cooperating UKE's head into the mat like that?

Did Mori quip to the audience with disarming insouciance, "He hit his head, you know"?

I sure with some of the "real" attackers' cases had been recorded on video like these choreographed things. Oh! to see Oh!ba going after Osensei. The judoka after Tohei. The uchideshi taking on the longshormen who teased Osensei...
Gawd, you're right. When I watched the video, I wondered why he was jumping up and down and bending at the waist so much. Re-watching, I can see it appears to be for the express purpose of smacking his uke's head into the mat as hard as possible.
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