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John Ruhl
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Re: Need good video clips for a talk...

Bronson Diffin wrote: View Post
I'm with Ron on this one. If the aim is to attract people to your club then you should show clips that are representative of what you do. It's not fair to entice people to join by showing things to which they will not be exposed.

Just my take.

Bronson -

I'm in general agreement with you, and don't intend to pull a "bait and switch".

I'm curious, though, which of the things suggested you think are so far from what one might be exposed to in a random ASU dojo. To me, Tissier sensei's aikido looks great, not so different from what we work on. Saotome sensei looks different, but then again everyone in ASU I've seen (which isn't saying a lot) looks different than him.

I haven't looked at everything thing Lori mentioned, but what I've seen of Saito sensei's weapons kata doesn't seem that different than kata and exercises we do... but perhaps I'm missing the point.

That is, to me it all looks like aikido, not so far afield. If we were talking about showing video of competition, eg Yoseikan Budo or something like that, that would indeed be "bait and switch". In my "seminar" I'm really just going to tell them why martial arts are great, and how aikido is different than karate and TKD and judo (the things they're probably familar with)... and of course how aikido is wonderful and they should think about coming to practice.

That said, I've gotta figure out how to excise portions of those clips, or this is all moot!

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