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John Ruhl
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Need good video clips for a talk...

I'm giving a 1-hour talk on Aikido to a group of incoming students at our university. They get to select which talks they'll go to, so they will be at least somewhat interested in Aikido (I hope); my main motivation is to recruit students for the Aikido club here. Unfortunately the room I've been assigned has almost no space for demonstrating "dynamic" technique, and I won't have mats.

The room does have a data projector that I can use with my laptop.

So... I'm looking for good video clips that demonstrate some of the "bigger" techniques of Aikido, eg projections and perhaps weapons kata, that I can use in lieu of actually throwing someone around. I'll probably demonstrate some of the "controls", but clips of those would also be good since I'll have to take it slow and easy. The main criteria for the clips would be that they are impressive to non-Aikidoka.

I've never edited video before, so short clips that I can use in whole would be preferred... but I'm willing to learn how to edit them (on a mac). Any pointers to easy mac applications for this would be very helpful.


John Ruhl
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