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Re: Ki Society Style Actually Usefull?

Michael Piccoletti wrote: View Post
What I'm wondering, is if Ki Society Aikido, CAN Be used as a Self Defence. One site tells me "Placing emphasis on Ai-KI-DO with Ki at the center of techniques. It's a very soft and relaxed style."

I'm not even sure if My school is this type, but because of the fact that I have not called in yet, and only saw their website, I'm going to say no, because of the video--- LINK TO VIDEO Shows actual defense.
I just had a look on the video and all I can say is that it shows neither KI-Aikido nor actual defense.
It is just a normal demonstration. IMHO it is not bad, but not good enough to be shown to the public as example of masterly aikido.
I actully preferred the other video of that school: "The Sammallest Samurai"

It seems as if there is a kind of link to AikidoEast, as they visit the New York Aikikai every year, but they do not seem to be a member.

Nevertheless, have much fun.

Regards Dirk
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