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Bruce Baker
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Meditate with a Tree

Does anyone meditate with a Tree?

Seriously, get friendly, talk to, then exchange energy with trees?

I thought I was the only looney doing it, until I found a picture of O'Sensei with his hands extended to a tree, bokken leaning on the tree? It wasn't until I found this little known Chinese community who uses Chi to heal and they use trees to reenergize their Chi.

I started to think about my childhood of climbing, being in and around trees, whether playing, eating, or sleeping near trees ... and feeling invigorated afterward. When I saw the same principle in this healing book, I thought there might be more than meets the eye in both KI/Chi exchange with nature, and O'Sensei spending so much time with nature?

Seriously, any of you have experience or have teachers who meditate/teach KI who use trees or nature to reenergize?
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