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Freaky! Ki Society Style Actually Usefull?

Hello all, This is a Intro/question post.

My friends, well... Most, are all taking Martial Arts, I have 3 that are 1st Degree Blacks In Karate, 1 thats a 2d in Karate, A blue belt, a brown belt in karate, and 2 that take quite a range of martial arts, and one that takes BJJ.

I've been into this for awhile, and have played with Karate abit, but never got into it. At the sight of Aikido, I really enjoyed the fact that its more of a defensive art. My friends are not the ones to attack randomly when we are not playing around, or even when playing around, but I'd like to be able to do something about this. Being not taking any classes in any style currently, I have no tech. So I just stick my hands out and block as good as I can.

What I'm wondering, is if Ki Society Aikido, CAN Be used as a Self Defence. One site tells me "Placing emphasis on Ai-KI-DO with Ki at the center of techniques. It's a very soft and relaxed style."

I'm not even sure if My school is this type, but because of the fact that I have not called in yet, and only saw their website, I'm going to say no, because of the video--- LINK TO VIDEO Shows actual defense.

If I'm totally off track, and this is defiantly NOT Ki, please tell. I'm new to the art, but have been interested forever, and am now furthering my interest by going ahead and joining a school.
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