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Bruce Baker
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Mat behavior ...

I can understand the conflicts that arise when hormones of the those under forty get going. Yeah there is actually a physical stimuli you have to be in control of, and it is very difficult.

I can name at least four conflicts I have had in the last two years at seminars with young black belts who thought increasing pain was correctly applying technique ... not so. That is the least of your Aikido training. Any fool can create pain from Aikido by correctly using the body, but to control body, mind, and spirit ... that is the million dollar question?

I saw a thread about taking away rank for behavior ... I have heard about it, and seen it done in karate but not in Aikido, yet.

(Got away from my thought)
Anyway, physical practice of Aikido has to be without any kind of selfish thought, especially the kind that thinks,"I have been doing Aikido for this long and I will show my partner I am better or instruct them to my level of practice ...." Oops? I guess I do that, but I didn't mean to do that?

Sometimes ... you have to step out of yourself and examine what happened opposed as to what you meant to do, talk it out, and understand what you should be doing?

At seminars, even your teacher is practicing without watching the class, so sometimes it is your responsibility to alert someone to an excalating situation, or ask," Are you guys alright, everything OK?"

If the answer is mind your own business, alert someone, if not, go back and practice.

My fault for not seeing that doing a technique better than the kid would come to this ... should of walked away ... built like a gorilla, thinking like a child who wants to play.

Now, who wants to get back on the mat and play!

(When your hair and beard turns white you will be crusty too!)
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