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Re: Starting Aikido, any tips hints or other types of advice.

Practical advise:

1. Don't wear any jewelries during the session. (nipple ring's a bi@#h when someone is pinning you down with an ikkyo)
2. Don't shout " ouch my nipple ring!". Just tap harder.
3. Buy a sturdy "gi", one thats not gonna rip from behind during stretching and expose your crack because your only wearing a crotch supporter and no underwear.
4. Wear underwear.
5. Bring a hand towel because once you start enjoying you'll be sweating like a pig.
6. Dont fart during a back roll coz your stomach will compress and you'll probably let out a loud one.
7. If you see someone who did, try not to loose your composure and burst out laughing coz its contagious and you'll cause the whole dojo to laugh.
8. Just enjoy yourself out there.
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