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Talking Great Debate

Its great to see two Masters at work!

Sure, kuzuchi is an integral part of the correct execution of any technique,
but we must always bear in mind the Founder's "Aim" of any given technique, even if we have difficulty in executing that technique.

The style of Aikido that I myself study, lends itself to scientific princples: Anatomy & Physics in conjuction with the Founder's "Aim".

This is not to say that I subscribe to inflicting pain at all costs to render a technique effective, as Aikido is multi-faceted & teaches us many things.

My emphasis is always on precision (tempered of course, to the level of the Uke),but I do feel that this precision warrants the title "Martial":
Precision does not always mean pain.
I can also appreciate the "Art" & the beauty of movement.

We are very fortunate to participate in an activity rich in dualities- this excellent thread illustrates this.

Many thanks Jun & Chris.....

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