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Re: Roughly the same time that a guy was "turning the other cheek" - - Art of Peace (

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Do you think that maybe Melancomas learned this stuff in his barn (with 4 hours of training) from some neo-Greek sect that invited foreign (secret stuff that can't be divulged) military people to help train him in rotational gyroscopic internal mechanics, but done in a complicated manner to thoroughly confuse some guy named Ockham who would come along later to try to rationalize their methods?
"Neo-Greek?" Are you trying to imply that only the Romans had this stuff, Mark? Can you prove that? Huh? Can you? 'Cuz the Greeks had this stuff waaaay before those provincial Gaius-come-lately's mucking about in the Avantine. This was high level stuff all around the Med, don't ya know.... Dollars to doughnuts there's a Hoplite seminar in your area sometime soon where you can feel this stuff firsthand (pm me, and I'll let you know who the good ones out for Epaminondas of Chaeronea, wink-wink). It'll blow the doors off that tepid Palatinian internal crap you're peddling. Say, just what is your history with this stuff anyway, and who were your Doctores?


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