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Re: Back online

Thanks for the info guys. I'm being taken care of by the VA and I've been told that here in the Phoenix area hip replacements are done by surgeons outside the VA system. I do need to lose some weight before they'll do the proceedure and I have no insurance. It'll probably be done in Puget Sound VA system after I move to the Seattle area.

I heard that there's a study going on at UW that the VA has been taking part in on new hip replacement proceedure methods. I'm investigating this (my son works at UW in their Medical School department) with the intent to try and get connected with a surgeon that's been taking part in this study. The procedure that they've been working with is supposed to last three times longer than other procedures. We'll see what happens. I'm sure not gonna put this off any longer than necessary.

I used to work in hospital management and have lots of experience with surgeons, physical therapists, etc. that gives me somewhat of a "leg up" on the inner goings on of this stuff. I'm an information junkie and am always looking for more info ...

I'm off today to the Bay Area to teach a seminar this weekend.

Thanks again,

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