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Cousin Chuck,

Best advice I can give you:

1. Find the best doc you can afford, then upgrade and go into debt if you have to.

2. Do it sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the older you are; the long you take to heal and rehab.

3. Learn this mantra: I've done martial arts for decades, I will continue to do so, give me the hi-impact sports model and make sure my rehab is designed with those factors in mind.

4. Post-op: Do your rehab religiously.

5. Did I mention that the earlier you get this done, the easier it will be on you?

6. If you're a little heavy now, lose some weight before the surgery. It'll make things easier after.

7. Start talking to your insurance company now about what they will pay for and how much rehab you can squeeze out of them.

Couple of huge difference here and in the US:

US: You go home after a few days and are, essentially, on your own.
GER: I was in the hospital 10 days and then have 2 weeks in a rehab center for intensive PT and movement training.

Feel free to e- me offline to talk. Honestly, this was the smartest thing I've done in years. I'm in no pain to speak of, only an occasional twinge if I do something stupid. I'm getting stronger every day and am feeling beter than I have for months.

Hang in there.


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