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Re: Roughly the same time that a guy was "turning the other cheek" - - Art of Peace (

Good story
Stiff arming is old though. Its like stalling. It can be used as a defensive tactic in grappling; Judo, jujutsu, wrestling etc. It can be done with muscle, albeit with some finesse through alignment and quickness (the responsive kind). And some experienced guys here and there I'd bet learned how to take the shoulders out of it. Overall though, I'd say relaxed bent arms and dealing with them "when" they get -in- is of a higher skill level. But thats more comlicated then stiff arming. It involves more than just bone alignment and simple structure. Further still, playing them on the inside or the outside, by being heavy, then light, being able to absorb then deliver power, IMO is more difficult then "holding off" someone trying to come in. At some level, we can say it's all good though I guess. Technique, in the right hands, can do a hell of allot. Not where I want to be, but.....

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