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Re: Mechanics of mushin

Alex Lawrence wrote: View Post
Is mushin something perminent or situational? If it's situational what activates it? Is it the case that in response to a powerful emotional stimulus you kinda switch to mushin?
If it's perminent can you have normal emotions and be in mushin?
I suppose I'm asking "How do you know you're in mushin?"

And is mushin something that grows. Do you learn to maintain mushin rather than just developing it as a full blown and immovable state of mind?
Mushin, is the state of no mind, which, of course just means that you do not ... well, I mean you don't, um.... do you? [umm] .... and there is no, ... [no, hang on,...], no... no...
no ...

I am so sorry.

Were you saying something?


Erick Mead
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