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Re: The Leather Man

Lee Salzman wrote: View Post
But that's just it - people know about what they're familiar with. There are some fairly non-familiar aspects of the contractile system of the body as a whole, without even dissecting the parts, that take hours of specific daily work a day over a period of years to perfect. It's really a mind-boggling amount of stuff to work on to maximize the fighting potential of the body.
But I think that recognizing the sensitivity of the fascia can help that process. That's how I'm looking at the fascia--not as another type of muscle, but as a unique organ (the whole-body fascia system could almost be seen as a single organ) that does things we haven't noticed and can help our efforts in ways he may not have recognized.

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But is this not a very old wheel? The "how" is already out there for us to study, is it not? "Why" should be academic at this point, merely shedding light on why the exercises comprising the "how" work.
Yes. That's basically why I started this thread: to think out loud about that very thing and to hear responses from people far more experienced in it than I.

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So long as we're holding out Dan as an example, and I hate to put Dan's words in Dan's mouth, but fair use and all:

Dan Harden wrote:
I'm glad you read about fascia and fascial sheeting. But in all honesty..Knowing about it won't get you anywhere. With the right kind of instruction I'll see ya in 5 years, maybe, juuuust maybe you'll have a little something. Without it, you'll be right back here ..talking...about fascia.

So what are we to make of this?
You can take it at face value: I have just recognized the fascial system and I have nowhere claimed to have mastered any of the usage discussed. You may also make of it that I am working out a time with Dan when we can get together so that he can show me some of his work. But I have recognized that the value of the fascial system is not like that of the muscles and that people may fail to see the implications of "using" it because they are thinking that it "is" to be used more or less the same as the muscles.

Best wishes.


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