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Re: The Leather Man

Al Gutierrez wrote: View Post
But when Tohei talks about keeping weight underside most people can get that much with a little practice - but more importantly, when you tell soemone to keep weight underside it's not difficult to understand what that means even if they're not proficient yet. However, if you tell someone to not use muscle strength but instead to use their fascia tissues like a tensegrital structure to spread out and absorb an incoming force - who really understands what that means before they can actually do it?

In the spirit of "keeping it real", How does keeping weight underside affect the fascia? Do any of you really know?
I already said very clearly before. Fascia is needed to tie the body together so that it functions as a whole-body. How do you get the weight at your body-center transferred to your hands if you want it there? Not muscle.


Mike Sigman
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