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Well, as I've said, I separated the fascia out for consideration because everyone knows about the muscles.
But that's just it - people know about what they're familiar with. There are some fairly non-familiar aspects of the contractile system of the body as a whole, without even dissecting the parts, that take hours of specific daily work a day over a period of years to perfect. It's really a mind-boggling amount of stuff to work on to maximize the fighting potential of the body.

So for me, the main questions are "What functions does the fascial system naturally handle and how can we use those functions directly in our technique?"

The above example is just one thing. Working with the connectivity of the body is another. And further, in traditional Chinese martial arts, the fascia carries the qi throughout the body.

So there are multiple levels of the fascia alone to consider and understand before we integrate it back with the muscles and coordinate the systems. Otherwise, we might be trying to "coordinate" them in completely meaningless ways--as if we were trying to hit someone with our eyeballs.

Then, once we have understood the fascial system and its relation to the muscles and other systems and learned to coordinate them in ourselves, we can consider how to recognize the gaps in the opponent's coordinated systems and use them or, better, get him to use them against himself, as Dan has described.
But is this not a very old wheel? The "how" is already out there for us to study, is it not? "Why" should be academic at this point, merely shedding light on why the exercises comprising the "how" work.

So long as we're holding out Dan as an example, and I hate to put Dan's words in Dan's mouth, but fair use and all:
Dan Harden wrote:
I'm glad you read about fascia and fascial sheeting. But in all honesty..Knowing about it won't get you anywhere. With the right kind of instruction I'll see ya in 5 years, maybe, juuuust maybe you'll have a little something. Without it, you'll be right back here ..talking...about fascia.
So what are we to make of this?
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