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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Actually Ueshiba's training history and inexorable connection to DR are clear enough. You're just another newer iteration of the same old song. That he "invented" or got his ki skills elsewhere.
And you're not able to discuss jin and Ki skills in DR. Your "impressions" of DR are virtually meaningless for several reasons.
I don't have any "impressions" of DR nor do I care what kind of ki and jin skills DR has. ALL the Asian arts have those skills, Dan, at the upper levels. Your experience has left you with the settled impression that if Ueshiba had ki and jin skills he must have gotten them from DR. He probably got SOME skills from DR, but unless you have apodictic proof that Ueshiba got ALL his skills from DR then you're simply making a baseless assertion and a guess at best. There are a number of potential sources where Ueshiba could have gotten his preferred approach to ki and jin and no one can say for certain, one way or the other. Your constant reiteration that Ueshiba got what he knew of ki and jin from DR is simply unsupported; hence I tend to dismiss it as a possible, but not a proven fact.


Mike Sigman
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